EuroLeague moves final game from Sunday for the first time in 18 years

For the first time in 18 years, the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague champions will lift the trophy on Saturday.

As BasketNews reported before, the EuroLeague Final Four will be relocated and rescheduled, moving it from Berlin to Belgrade one weekend earlier than it was planned.

BasketNews sources confirmed Sportando’s Alessandro Maggi report that Belgrade will host the Final Four on May 19-21.

Semifinal games are scheduled on Thursday. Therefore, the final and 3rd place game will be played on Saturday.

The final was moved from Sunday to Saturday due to the busy Stark Arena schedule. 

The last EuroLeague title was raised on Saturday in 2004 when Tel Aviv hosted the Final Four.

The EuroLeague playoffs are scheduled to finish until May 4. All of the playoff matches will be available for betting live on them.

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